AIGC Fellowship

RENEWAL and NEW APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED – the deadline for submission was June 1 per all your AIGC communications.

Graduate level fellowships awarded to United States federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native community members (students) who are pursuing a graduate or professional level education. To be considered, applicants must be pursing a master, doctorate or professional degree as a full-time student at an accredited graduate or professional school in the United States and able to demonstrate financial need.

Please note that all applicants are notified by email via FELLOWSHIPS@AIGCS.ORG of award or denial. No information will be provided via telephone. If awarded, you will receive information regarding further instructions and additional required verifying documents.

Supplemental Questions
  1. 2013-2014 Third Term (quarter system) Disbursement Uploads - Course Enrollment and Transcript
    • AIGC Fellows are required to submit proof of ongoing enrollment to receive the next term's disbursement. Please upload your Spring term proof of enrollment (class schedule) here.
    • AIGC Fellows are required to submit second term grades (unofficial transcript) to receive the winter term disbursement. Please upload your second term transcript here. The transcript must show completion of full-time coursework and GPA. As a reminder, failure to complete full-time coursework in the previous term will place you on probation for AIGC funds - students MUST complete full-time coursework in the previous term, in good standing, to qualify for spring funding process.
    • Please comment regarding any academic issues that are reflected on your transcript. For longer explanations, email
  2. Please submit a minimum 500-word statement that describes your vision and personal goals, as an American Indian or Alaska Native citizen. The statement should include your achievements in leadership, community service, extra curricular activities and giving back to your community. This statement will be utilized to match you with additional funding resources (based on availability of funds). You may use the following suggested guidelines: Extra curricular activities, as they relate to involvement in American Indian programs at your institution; volunteer/community work as it relates to American Indian communities; tribal/community involvement; how you helped your tribe, family or community; or making positive changes, in the American Indian community, with your college education.
  3. Unofficial Transcripts (current transcripts are necessary for selection of scholars; however, final term transcripts will be requested of all "Finalists"). As a reminder, AIGC does not accept National Clearinghouse documents/information.
    • Transcript - Please upload a copy of your most recent transcript. If you are unable to obtain an electronic copy (Word or PDF) of your transcript, you may mail it to us; however, it will take up to 10 business days to get a mailed transcript into the system. You can log in to the system at any time to view the uploaded document. If, after 15 days past the date you mailed the document, you do not see your transcript here, please call us.
  4. Admission Letter from university or college: Upload here
  5. Proof of full-time Institutional Enrollment Status / Course Schedule for the academic term of this application. As a reminder, AIGC does not accept National Clearinghouse documents/information.
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