Wells Fargo American Indian Scholarship

This opportunity is now CLOSED.

Graduate and undergraduate scholarships awarded to United States federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native community members (students). To be considered, applicants must be pursuing a career and degree in fields relating to banking, resort management, gaming operations, management and administration (including accounting, finance, information technology and human resources).

  • Undergraduate: Must be a college undergraduate junior or senior and must meet the Federal Pell Grant eligibility criteria.
  • Graduate: Must be a full time graduate student and have financial need.

Note: All applicants are required to submit a Tribal Eligibility Certificate and Financial Need Form which can be downloaded from the AIGC website.

Please note that all applicants are notified by email via FELLOWSHIPS@AIGCS.ORG of award or denial. No information will be provided via telephone. If awarded, you will receive information regarding further instructions and additional required verifying documents.

Supplemental Questions
  1. 2013-2014 Second Term Disbursement Uploads - Course Enrollment and Transcript
    • AIGC Fellows are required to submit Fall term grades (unofficial transcript) to receive the next term's disbursement. Please upload your transcripts showing fall term grades. The transcript must show completion of full-time coursework and GPA. Incomplete coursework must be completed prior to disbursement of second term funds. As a reminder, failure to complete full-time coursework in the previous term will place you on probation for AIGC funds - students MUST complete full-time coursework in the second term, in good standing, to qualify for next term or next year's renewal funding process.
    • AIGC Fellows are required to submit proof of ongoing enrollment to receive the next term's disbursement. Please upload your second term (Quarters - Winter /Semesters - Spring) proof of enrollment here. This is your course schedule for the next term.
    • If no comment, write "No Comment" otherwise; please comment regarding any academic issues that may be reflected on your transcript that will help AIGC make a decision in your next term disbursement. You must put something in this box to submit your transcripts and course schedule. For longer explanations, email fellowships@aigcs.org.
  2. Please describe how the Wells Fargo American Indian Scholarship Program can best help you to become a leader in economic development in Indian communities and/or within the banking and financial service industry.
  3. Please provide the name of one newspaper in your local area for a press release
  4. Please list the 4 most recent extracurricular activities in which you have engaged.
    • Activity
    • Activity Leadership Positions/Recognitions
    • Dates Involved in Activity
    • Description of Activity
  5. Please list up to four (4) community engagement opportunities in which you have recently engaged
    • Dates of this community engagement
    • Describe the activities in which you participated for this community engagement opportunity
    • Name of Organization
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