All Native American High School Academic Team

This opportunity is now CLOSED. Any new submissions dated after April 4, 2012 will not be considered for this award. If you have submitted an application and wish to update your information, you may do so until July 13, 2012.

Please visit AIGCS.ORG to learn of “Other Opportunities” available through our peer organizations.

Awarded to high school seniors who have outstanding academic achievements, leadership in school, civic and extracurricular activities, and motivation to serve and succeed. To be considered, nominees must have a have a minimum 3.3 GPA with an outstanding academic record; have demonstrated leadership and community service activities; and plan to be enrolled as a full time degree seeking college freshman in the fall.

Please note that all applicants are notified by email via FELLOWSHIPS@AIGCS.ORG of award or denial. No information will be provided via telephone. If awarded, you will receive information regarding further instructions and additional required verifying documents.

$250 One-time Honorarium
Gates Millennium Scholars Staff
Supplemental Questions
  1. High School Name
  2. High School Cumulative GPA (Unweighted)
  3. High School Graduation Date
  4. List honors and awards received for 10th, 11th and 12th grades
    • Dates of Honor/Award
    • How has this award impacted your collegiate or career goals?
    • Name of Honor/Award
    • Why do you feel you were given this Honor/Award?
  5. Please list the 4 most recent extracurricular activities in which you have engaged.
    • Activity
    • Activity Leadership Positions/Recognitions
    • Dates Involved in Activity
    • Description of Activity
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